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Uncomfortably Numb

Lake of liquid steel

Rain-slick jewels run bloody in the street

Feeling…Numb, lately. 

Not comfortably so, no,

Far from it. 

I feel numb in the way that you can walk on and on not really knowing or caring where to. A sentiment that is far from the long and warm wandering of summers gone by

I feel numb in the way that light is now always too bright, too dull. Colors explode in the waters below me. I’m in awe of the headaches they bring on. 

I feel numb in the way that songs die in your throat, inspiration spreading thin over the din of voices crowding your thoughts. I drive on. Choked by sound.

I feel numb in the way that people have been so, so draining to me. Constantly in a state of instability, unwilling to be with company, yet dreading the way home. Not wanting to be alone.

I’m forced, I find, to fervently speak my mind. 

I cannot be silent anymore, but I have to ask myself,

Who is this all for?

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