This is a blog run by Kayla Joy, a real person and definitely not a bot. She posts poetry/random writings once a week. (Mostly. She’s not great at scheduling.)

Hi, so usually I’m a fan of keeping things “vague” and “mysterious” and stuff, but I’m finding that’s more of me being afraid than actually being a mysterious person. If no one knows who you really are, then you have no obligation to be a real person, and no one can really connect with you because you hide behind this curtain of ambiguity (You probably didn’t know that about me, because I do love my curtain).

So know that whatever content I post on here (or anywhere else, really), is completely genuine and more often than not from the heart. That’s a promise I’m making to an as-of-yet nonexistent audience, but it’s pretty important regardless, I think.

I have ambition/direction/focus for…pretty much the first time ever and I plan to run with it. I realized that my whole life has revolved around telling stories, and that’s what I aim to do for the rest of it. Sounds good? Yeh.