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Shifting Weight

Clouds like liquid smoke

Unfurl their tendrils,

Collecting thoughts,

Our minds.

Tongue slipping, speaking, out of




Sickly generations,

Old and new.

Fly that balloon

Seeking the moon

Then up and around to Mars again.

Poems · writing


Waxing Moon

Guide me to a night in June

A memory, distraction so sweet

May cannot come too soon.

Tears crack rivulets into skin

The salt water begging to wash upon every wound

A genuineness in its violence

Love as an act of defiance,

Where does it leave you?

A broken heart, this crippled tune.

Skipping beats, rhythm undone,

No longer aligned, the war is won.

I spark and these words ignite,

Setting alight flames inside this washed up soul of mine.

Hope is something I’ve indulged in,

And nothing has left more scars.