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12:49 AM

Float up to the stars, gravity take me down. I’m too reckless, too light. Down at the garden in a small chick pen. They cluck and the flutter they hurt one another oblivious to their own sting.

You’re too far to follow and I think I’m drowning in my head. “I know you do, I wish I was” you said. You open and flower in a brook that I’ve been sleeping in. Moving moments, is it you or is it me? I feel the future and I want it to be mine—just give me time, give me time.

I escape you wearing her perfume. I loved that room, I loved that room. You’re gone too soon, gone too soon. “Drop dead” he says and then I do. Run into you. Into you. I’ve found it but the waters out of reach. Moored on the sidelines she shudders at speech.

Unfolding memories of you. The corners are ripping, the paper is yellowing, the creases are deepening and I need you.

Prop me up and kiss me, I’m dying to be folded into you. A dream where we’ve met before, and every open door is an opportunity for us.

Walk me to the sea, I need to be just you and me. A place empty now to thoughts of you and how you’ll “never leave me” and as you say that let flowers bloom in your wake. Proving I’ll never be a mistake. I will believe you.

[July 9, 2017]