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I need a subject, and I’m choosing you.

First thing I see, strapped tightly to me, you follow wherever I go.

Humble and loyal, you tread on the soil, keeping me safe from harm

Today a snowy hue, tomorrow a scarlet red,

Once you were blue, and not a nice shade, no,

Just blue as veins on an unexpected summer’s day.

I’m still sorry about that phase.

This was meant to go up almost a week ago. I’ve been having trouble staying motivated, as I get down on myself sometimes, especially with lack of feedback. I start to lose energy. But I want to get back on track with my schedule (I’ve been trying to post MWF) and not put so much pressure on myself. I enjoy writing just for my own sake, and I shouldn’t rely on what others say to do something I love. Especially considering this poem is about my shoes and it’s not that greaaaaat, but I’m okay with that. Thanks for reading my posts, those that do. Love for you! Sorry this turned into a diary entry. Ooops.

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