Learning To Sew

The hole in my jeans is something that bothers me but I don’t do much about.

Is it better to mourn their inevitable loss, or to try and fix something that’s broken, possibly ruining it further in the process?

Something that’s “irreparable”. I think, and so it remains. The same tear for a year or more.

Acquire a new skill, or lose what could have been saved.

One thought on “Learning To Sew

  1. I u derstand your writings but on another note…I can teach you basic sewing. Some repairing, sewing buttons on, hemming.
    Baby boomers were taught these things as just a common thing. I embroiled, & my zGrandmother taught me ironing. To this day I love to iron.
    Come & see me & I will teach you to sew.

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