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I walk in a silence I’ve never known before

Breathing in expectations that catch in my throat

It’s so hard for me not to rhyme, I…I’m breaking my pattern.

You didn’t let me go. You threw me to the ground and set the forest ablaze before you took off running. There’s no trace of you now. Only ash.

In my heart, though, the fire didn’t catch.

(Who was it that gave you the match? )

Happier times are left behind

Are you glad this war is over?

It continues to rage for me and it’s baffling

That you’d still roll on your back for her

A mother, it’s true, but I have a mother too

And she will never see what’s inside. 

I know she holds you in her grip

A small fawn taking all her spit

My dear William your debt cannot be paid.

Just remember my sweet voice and realize you still have a choice 

I will not hate you for running away

My hummingbird heart beats slow these days

Some kind of apathy has taken over the reins

And being a broken wreck like this

Isn’t it meant to call in some sort of metamorphosis?

No. I’ve changed on my own. But their decision, and your acceptance, has worn me to the bone. 



One thought on “Saudade

  1. I apologize if this one feels a little weird. When I write in my notes everything is kind of everywhere, and in recent months my writing has had somewhat of a theme. So I tried putting a few together to see if they worked.


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