How many people stare at a blank page for most of their life? How many people stare at a blank page for all of their life? How many people, like me, sit casting glances at the blank page, terrified at even the thought of approaching it. How many people (also like me) sit around chatting away *about* the blank page, boasting of future endeavors and stories that they will “most definitely get to eventually, someday, when they have more ‘time’”? You *have* time! You want time you’ve got it! Right now! Instead you lay in bed for three hours hiding from everything you say you will do. There is always a blank page, and there is currently a surplus in Time, so you’re in luck! Take as much of it as you need. You don’t need a whole lot, really. It has been all but five minutes and this page isn’t so blank anymore, is it?










Let’s go down here. Fascinating. Even less blank than before.











Are you having fun breaking the rules? Feeling inspired yet? No? You can’t really tell, but this is—oh wait you can totally tell. That’s cool.







Of course who knows if stuff like this helps. I’m still in my pajamas and I have work in two hours, which I’m just going to fill with more nothing-ness.

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