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He was a carver and all that he wanted in this whole world was a

Little daughter, but his Luna, the one he had lost so

Long ago that he, couldn’t bear it.

He saw her face when he went walking,

Out on the river, a place she never went

But now as a ghost she walks there beside him

Overly loving and never retreating

Terribly close with a smile to remember

She dances in stars and floats on the mist

He doesn’t sleep, the pain unbearably fits

Going out to the river, he walks there beside her

He never saw her again as he swam in the water

She overturns pumpkins and takes down the garland

Over the years you see, without his attention

She sought it somewhere else with the heart of a child

One who is troublesome, one who is lost

She furrows her brow and calls to her master

When he doesn’t answer, she strangles the house cat,

She leaves birds on the lawn and sometimes,

Their heads are gone, strung up in a line all bloody and mangled

She begs for a partner, because she was a dancer

Only had one and that one couldn’t remember

He walks in a garden, the sun lights his path,

She walks the river, eternal fog drifting below her

If you hear her call out, don’t try to answer

The ones who did before, she adds to her broken heart,

All bloody and mangled, just like the crows are.

Strung up in rows, along the river bed

You cannot replace her lover, and for pretending she wants you dead.


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